Sunny Idea is an independent marketing solutions company.

At Sunny Idea, we designed our business model by building a Unique Ecosystem around consumers based on three key pillars; Advertising, Content Production, and Entertainment.

By embedding communication in people's daily lives, we are creating the best possible experience for consumers; combined that with 18 years of e-commerce experience, and we have the insights to provide revolutionary solutions and access to our brand and marketing partners.

In an age where no boundaries should exist between advertising, entertainment, content, and media, a collective must work hand in hand across all aspects to stay relevant and efficient.  We have embraced this idea since our inception in 2015, and we will continue doing so as the market evolve.

Record Label
Music is with us at all times, and we are actively changing the culture with our record label and artists, including
Kelvin Kwan 關楚耀
Kwan Gor 吳業坤
Talent and Influencer Network
We built our talent and influencer network with individuals that operate beyond their celebrity to shape culture and set trends. As the credible voices that people look up to across different passion pillars, we groom our talents and influencers to operate beyond their celebrity and shape trends.
Lulu Tung 董嘉儀
Elaine Wong 王曉君
Nat Kwan 關美薇
Outside of our network, we have access to the most influential names across different passion points.
In an communication landscape that's more connected than ever, advertisement and entertainment have to go hand in hand for new opportunities to emerge. Helmed by an award-winning team with rich experience in marketing, we aim to identify and create bespoke solutions for industry leaders.

With a kaleidoscope of platforms and formats, getting your message across is no easy task. We are firm believers in treating creative and media as one single component, which allows us to embed the most relevant ideas within the most appropriate channels for maximum impact. The convenience of one partner handling both creative and media is obvious, but more importantly, no one will have a better understanding of how the two components work together. Hence, we also provide Digital Media Planning and Buying Services.
As an end-to-end solution provider, we aim to be our client's partner throughout every step of a project for the best efficiency, and having in-house content creation capabilities, including photography and video production, is essential to bridge ideation and execution seamlessly. creative solutions.