Sunny Idea is an independent Entertainment and Creative Solutions company. We created our business model by building a unique ecosystem based on three key pillars - entertainment, creative solutions, and content production. With this in place, we are in a prime position to establish and strengthen relationships with individuals and brands through a multidisciplinary thinking process. Whether it is connecting an audience with the latest entertainment or connecting consumers with the relevant brand, we are firm believers in the ability to engage and inspire with the power of creativity and connectivity. In an age where boundaries no longer exist across different forms of media, we work together as a collective for the utmost efficiency. This has been our ethos since our inception in 2015, and we will continue to evolve as the market transforms

Record Label
Fully embracing music as a communication medium that goes beyond entertainment and working alongside our roster of artists to fuel emotions and build communities.
Cheronna Ng 吳嘉禧
Ng Lam Fung 吳林峰
Artist and Influencer Network
Curating a dedicated network of talent and influencers across various passion pillars to optimize our amplification strategy for brands and products.
Nat Kwan 關美薇
Business problems, creative solutions - as an independent agency with staff specializing in advertising, digital, social, direct response, and branded content, we are equipped to help our clients break out from the clutter and build real connections with their audience.

Our strength lies in…
Our passion to create brand stories that connect with relevant audiences.
Our devotion to put consumers as the first, second, and third priority.
Our persistence to deliver consistent brand visibility throughout the customer journey.
Our curiosity to evolve and stay ahead of the curve.
Our ambition to challenge the norm and think outside the box.
It matters that we are there for our clients at every step of the way. Our commitment to being a partner from start to finish of any project guarantees a streamlined process and quality delivery, especially when it comes to production, where we are proud to possess a full suite of in-house capabilities, including photography and videography.